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You should have already received a leaflet explaining Gracemount High School’s uniform policy but it can also be found here.

P7 Transition 2016/17
At Gracemount High School we realise just how important the choice of secondary school is for parents. As a school we are committed to ensuring that all our pupils are provided with the widest range of opportunities to develop their talents and realise their potential. We are particularly proud of our extremely supportive learning environment, which is based on the school motto of ‘Committed to Care and Excellence’.

Our curriculum has been designed to embrace the new Curriculum for Excellence and to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary. As with all secondary schools across the country we are reviewing our progress with curricular developments to ensure we deliver the highest standard of learning and teaching to all young people.

We are very fortunate to have excellent facilities across the school which have enabled us to offer innovative and exciting curricular opportunities. We are particularly proud of the high levels of ICT equipment available throughout the school which include 1:1 devices for all our S3-6 students and 6 new labs across the school. Some of our curricular highlights include the development of our Dance Academy, SFA School of Football and our new Senior Phase programme.

There will be a P7 parent’s information evening on Wednesday 13 May 2015 at 7pm when detailed information about the transfer of pupils to the High School will be given. We would like to invite all parents or carers of P7 pupils who are allocated a place at Gracemount Highs School in August 2015 to attend this meeting to be held in the school library.

At this meeting information about the transfer arrangements for your son/daughter will be given. This will be a short informal meeting and members of our Senior Leadership Team and Pupil Support staff will be available to answer questions regarding the school and the transfer process. We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

If you have any queries regarding the transfer process please contact:
Mrs Sinclair
Depute Head Teacher
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We are looking forward to welcoming our new S1 pupils for their 3 day visit in JUNE 2015

Pupils enrolling at Gracemount High School are invited to attend the High School for a 3 day visit on 17-19th June. A detailed programme and further information about this follows. It is hoped to offer parents the opportunity to visit the school and experience some activities during this period.

The purpose of this visit is to enable pupils to become familiar with their new school. Nearer the time your child will be informed by their P7 teacher which class they will be in for the visit. Classes all start with a letter indicating the house your child has been allocated: L= LEWIS, S = SKYE and T = TIREE the letter Y or Z simply indicates the practical set they have been allocated.

  • The support for pupils Leader for Skye is Ms Pretswell
  • The support for pupils Leader for Lewis is Mr Whale
  • The support for pupils Leader for Tiree is Mrs O'Connell

These staff will be your first line of contact at the high school and are very much looking forward to working with you:
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To find out more about what is planned for the three-day visit, select the buttons below:

The P7 three-day visit programme in PDF format can be downloaded
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Starting and Finishing Times
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Health Day
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School Uniform
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Cashless Catering
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