Pupil Council

The Pupil Council meet regularly to discuss changes to the school. The pupil council consists of pupils ranging from S1 to S4 and there is a senior council who relay information directly to the Head Teacher. Pupil representatives were selected by student elections.

Pupil Council Members:

* Holly Henderson
* Gemma Hogg
* Lauren Burnett
* Beth Gregor
* Natalie Duncan
* Holly Hartley
* Nico Collarusso
* Jame Porteous
* Ben Gardner
* Danielle Kelly
* Diane Craig
What we do

* We listen to the opinions and problems you have.
* We try to solve these problems to make the school a better place for everyone.

What we've done

* We got the 20's plenty speed sign outside the school gates.
* Got the fence around the bike sheds.
* Made sure that the toilets are cleaned when they are in a state.
* Changed the uniforms so black, plain hoodies are allowed in class (as long as your tie is showing).
* Put the vertical tutor groups into place.

Where to find us

* You can find all of our photos on our notice board so if you have an problems, please come and speak to one of us.
* You can also get in contact with us through the message box which is outside the school office.

Minutes of Meetings

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22nd February 2012
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18th January 2012
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5th October 2011
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14th September 2011
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