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Mr Knight
Celebrating Success at Gracemount High
Celebrating Success News Page
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Celebrating Success: October 2012

October 2012
Class of the Month

Class: S2 English

Nominated by: Mr Foley

Why they are class of the month:

  • "Well Prepared for all lessons"
  • "Polite"
  • "Respectful"
  • "Hard Working"

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Success out of School

Pupils: Alana Deas (S5 Student) and Angela Deas (S3 Student)

Success: Tae Kwon Do

  • The girls took part in the Scottish Closed Tae Kwon Do Championship
  • They won a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal between them
  • What an achievement!
Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Miss Morison

Department: Biology

Why the pupils voted:

  • "She makes lessons fun and friendly!"
  • "She is respectful and understanding"
  • "She is very cool!"
  • "She is awesome!"

Well Done Miss Morrison!

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Celebrating Success: November 2012

November 2012
Class of the Month

Class: S3 Dance

Nominated by
: Mrs Cassidy

Why they are class of the month

  • "Worked extremely hard throughout the year."
  • "They are excellent at bringing their kit."
  • "They really engage in lessons."
  • "They also all recently performed at the Nation Museum of Scotland in front of an audience of 350 people."

Great Work!

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Success out of School

Pupils: Ezgi Denli and Saaliha Hussain (S5 Students)


  • The girls are the founder of TRUE (Tackling Racism Uniting Everyone) Colours which is an anti-racism youth led organisation in Edinburgh. The girls believe in change and want to reach out to other youngsters who can also express their views and make a difference. After months of hard work and preparation the girls held the TRUE Colours launch at the Hibernian Stadium who offered their venue to the group. The turnout was absolutely amazing , over eighty pupils with their teachers from different high schools in Edinburgh, different organisations, charities, EAL, Tam Baillie, Council staff and a member of a political party attended. We also had ten pupils from Gracemount with our RME teacher Mrs.Fleming who went to support Ezgi and Saaliha. The feedback was excellent from everyone who attended. With the support of teachers, ELREC members, (Edinburgh Lothian Regional Equality Council) EAL members Ezgi and Saaliha took their first step for a great success which will make a real difference. Well done girls, what a great success!
Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Mr Foley


Why the pupils voted:

  • “He’s Awesome!”
  • “Good sense of Humour”
  • “He makes lessons fun and interesting with his stories!”

Well done Mr Foley!

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Celebrating Success: December 2012

December 2012
Class of the Month

Class: S3 Health and Food Technology

Nominated by:
Miss Campbell

Why they are class of the month:

  • "Hardworking"
  • "Considerate and helpful in class."
  • "They are a pleasure to teach."

Great Work!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Gemma Hogg (S6 Student)


  • Gemma is attending the Ogwini trip in Feb 2013 and organised a brilliant gig night at Electric Circus in Edinburgh to raise funds and awareness of the schools link with a school in South Africa.
  • She arranged for Christina Novelli to perform, an artist based in London and also organised Daniel Scott (S5 pupil at Gracemount), The Directors and The Nettles as support acts.
  • Over 100 people attended and it was a very successful evening!

Well Done Gemma!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Mr Hume


Why the pupils voted:

  • “He makes you very interested in his subject”
  • “He is a just a great teacher!”
  • “He is always there to help!”

Well done Mr Hume!

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Celebrating Success: March 2013

March 2013
Class of the Month

Class: S6 Core Physical Education

Nominated by:
Mr Gregor

Why they are class of the month:

  • "This class have chosen to do PE as it is not compulsory in S6"
  • "They work well as a group!"
  • "They approach all lessons with real enthusiasm!"
  • “They are role models and shining examples to lower year groups!”

Great Work!

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Success out of School

Pupils: Daniel Scott (S5 Student) and Logan Scott (S2 Student)

  • Both Daniel and Logan have amazed us with their musical talents over the past few years so we would like to highlight this success!
  • Daniel has played guitar and song written since a young age and has performed many gigs at venues including Electric circus, The Voodoo Rooms and supported the Ogwini trip with an event at Liberton Rugby Club. He has successfully gained a place at Motherwell College next year to begin a music course. Logan has demonstrated his amazing vocal talents at many of our school assemblies and plans to start playing the guitar with some help from his older brother, Daniel.

Well Done Daniel and Logan!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Miss Taylor

Business Education

Why the pupils voted:

  • “She makes her classes enjoyable for everyone!”
  • "Always happy 24/7 – rubs off on others!”
  • “Makes lessons interesting and relatable to things people like – Chocolate or TV shows”
  • “She is Amazing!”

Well done Miss Taylor!

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Celebrating Success: April 2013

April 2013
Class of the Month

Class: S2 Social Studies

Nominated by:
Mr Wyllie

Why they are class of the month:
  • “Without fail everyone in the class always tries their very best!”
  • “It’s great to see everyone so well prepared at the start of each lesson!”
  • “They are highly focussed on their learning during each period and it’s really rewarding, as a teacher, to see everyone wanting to develop their knowledge and becoming more confident!”

Great Work!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Cameron Gill (S3 Student)


  • Cameron Gill has played for Dunfermline Athletic Football Club as part of the clubs youth development programme since under 11’s and is currently part of the under 15 squad.
  • Over the past few months Cameron’s’ performances for the under 15’s have caught the eye of the manager and coaching staff at Dunfermline and Cameron has been asked to attend full-time training with the club every Thursday. This is a great achievement and has proven to be a tremendous experience for Cameron training with the clubs first team and reserve players.
  • In addition to this success Cameron was selected as part of the under 20 squad who recently defeated Inverness Caley Thistle in the quarter final of the Scottish Youth Cup and are now scheduled to play St Mirren in the semi-final. If Dunfermline make it through to the final Cameron is hoping he will be part of the squad that will play at Hampden Stadium in June 2013.

Well Done Cameron!

Teachers of the Month

Teachers: Mrs Cassidy & Miss Wilson


Why the pupils voted:

  • “What an amazing dance show!”
  • “They are really supportive and help us loads!”
  • “Encouraging, confident and motivating dance teachers!”

Well done ladies!

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Celebrating Success: May 2013

May 2013
Class of the Month

Class: S5/6 Higher Computing

Nominated by:
Mr Whyte

Why they are class of the month:

  • “I’ve taught a number of fantastic Higher students in my time but collectively this class are highly focused and really engage in the subject.”
  • “The class laugh at my witty jokes and get on well with one another – an excellent team!”
  • “The class work hard and have a real geeky enthusiasm for programming and everything else technology.”

Well Done!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Aimee Fraser (S6 Student)


  • Aimee has been working extremely hard out of school with dance.
  • She has completed her ballet grades 1 to 8, intermediate foundation and intermediate after 14 years of very hard work and commitment.
  • She has also shown massive commitment to the Gracemount Dance Academy and was presented with the senior dance award at the Dance show in April.
  • All her hard work has paid off and Aimee now has two unconditional places for when she leaves school at Telford college and Morningside Dance Academy!

Well done Aimee!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Mr Drain


Comments from Pupils:

  • “Tall and scary however makes you better yourself”


  • “An excellent mentor and friend with a great and witty sense of humour”
  • “His humour and sarcasm will always cheer you up”
  • “Great hug giver!”
  • “Looks like a giant however is actually a teddy bear”
  • “Very good at recycling unwanted food in computing department”

Well done Big Man!!

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Celebrating Success: September 2013

September 2013
Class of the Month

Class: S2 French

Nominated by:
Miss Davies

Why they are class of the month:

  • “They've done really well to cope with difficult French.”
  • “They are excellent French speakers!”
  • “They are always keen to try something more challenging and are eager to learn.”
  • “They've understood possessive pronouns very quickly!"

Well Done!

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Success out of School

Pupils: Chris Noble, Nathan Lyttle and Ryan Ferguson (S5 Students)


  • They were highly commended by judges at the awards ceremony for the Merchant Company Prize for Initiative.
  • They have a production company called Final Films and produce sketches, feature films and have a production diary on YouTube.
  • The judges were very impressed with their dedication to their work, presentation skills and sense of humour.

Well done Chris, Nathan and Ryan!

Staff of the Month

Staff: The Office Staff

Comments from pupils and Staff:

  • “They are all friendly and polite and have a great sense of humour!”
  • “Nothing is ever a problem – they are always happy to help!”
  • “They always say hello when you pass through the office!”
  • “They make things easier for everyone in the school – staff, pupils and parents”
  • “They keep smiling even when they need to hand the toilet key out hundreds of times a day"

Well done ladies!!

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Celebrating Success: October 2013

October 2013
Class of the Month

Class: National 5 Biology

Nominated by:
Mr Knight

Why they are class of the month:

  • "They are really focused and have made effort to learn and understand some difficult concepts."
  • "They are a friendly and humorous bunch however still get their work done!"
  • "They are VERY polite – they always say morning and goodbye! – it’s the little things that make a difference"
  • "They make a busy day more enjoyable!"

Well Done!

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Success out of School

Pupil: David Harrold (S3 Student)


  • Judo Champion!
  • He has been involved in Judo for 9 years and is on his green belt.
  • Recently David took part in the Scottish Judo Championship and won GOLD in his age band – a massive achievement!
  • He is going to continue to develop his Judo skills and will one day achieve his black belt – watch this space!

Well Done David!!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Miss Campbell

Home Economics

Comments from pupils and Staff:

  • “She is a really good cook!”
  • “She is really nice and makes us feel welcome”
  • “She treats us with respect”
  • “She always helps us and nothing is ever a problem”

Well done Miss Campbell!

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Celebrating Success: November 2013

November 2013
Class of the Month

Class: National 5 Mathematics

Nominated by:
Ms Yeoman

Why they are class of the month:

  • "They are very friendly, polite, and willing to learn and contribute”
  • “They are really keen to understand all of the work”
  • “They make my day more enjoyable and I really look forward to teaching them!

Well Done!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Lewis Gill (S2 Student)


  • Lewis has had an interest in golf for the past few years and was recently chosen to play in an Edinburgh
  • Schools Golf tournament.
  • Lewis did extremely well at this competition and finished under par.
  • He has played in several golf competitions at Liberton Golf Club and recently was awarded as winner with a
  • shield for his age category.
  • I’m sure we will see more of Lewis and his golf skills in the future!

Well Done Lewis!!

Teacher of the Month

Teacher: Mr Knight


Comments from pupils and Staff:

  • “He engages everyone in the class and helps us learn!”
  • “He is our register teacher so we seem him everyday”
  • “He has good banter!”
  • “He is a good teacher and has good relationships with pupils!”

Well done Mr Knight!

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Celebrating Success: December 2013

December 2013
Class of the Month

Class: S3 Art and Design

Nominated by: Mrs Shannon

Why they are class of the month:

  • “My S3 class are hardworking, creative and intelligent.
  • "They have produced some excellent design units and are able to work very well independently."
  • "They are also very supportive of each other and happily share ideas and skills. It is a pleasure to teach them!”

Well Done!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Cailin Calder, S5


  • Cailin started Judo when he was 3 years old. His hobby started after his Dad got him interested in the Sport.
  • Cailin has worked hard at the sport and is now on his brown belt.
  • He competes regularly in competitions all over the world.
  • In the past few months he has won 3 gold’s and 2 bronzes. 1 of these made him Scottish champion.
  • Cailin will continue to pursue his hobby and will hopefully achieve his black belt in the next few months.

Well Done Cailin!

Teacher of the Month

Staff: Mrs Shannon

Comments from pupils:

  • “She is kind and helpful”
  • “She is a really nice teacher”
  • “She always supports us and makes sure we are making good progress”
  • “She is brilliant at Art and has loads of really good ideas!”

Well Done Mrs Shannon!

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Celebrating Success: February 2014

February 2014
Class of the Month

Class: National 4 and National 5 History

Nominated by: Miss Kennedy

Why they are class of the month:

  • “They are a wonderful class to teach and I look forward to seeing them every lesson.”
  • “They give any task a go……as silly as it is (Suffragette catwalk).”
  • “They use feedback to improve and I can see the results already. Keep it up!”

Great work!

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Success out of School

Pupil: Kirsty Wilson, S6


  • Kirsty recently entered the “The National Respect Me” competition by using her amazing media skills to produce an anti-bullying video.
  • Over 1800 applicants took part in the competition.
  • Kirsty came first place! What an amazing achievement!
  • Kirsty is planning on taking her media interest further by studying this at University – I am sure we will see more of her creative work soon! Watch this space!

Well done Kirsty!

Teacher of the Month

Staff: Mr King

Comments from pupils:

  • “He never shouts and is the best teacher ever!”
  • “He is really funny!”
  • “He is really supportive and always helps when we need help!”
  • “He is always there if we need him!”
  • “He is sound!”

Well Done Mr King!

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Celebrating Success: April 2014

April 2014
Class of the Month

Class: Higher History

Nominated by:
Mr Hume

Why they are class of the month:
  • “They are really hard working!”
  • “They make lessons fun and bring to class their sense of humour!”
  • “They make excellent use of their iPads in lessons!”
  • “They are a pleasure to teach!”

Great work!

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Success out of School

Pupils: Kirsty Wilson, Ezgi Denli, Saalihah Hussain

  • Ezgi, Saalihah and Kirsty had the massive achievement of being finalists at the Merchant Company Initiative Awards in March.
  • This is a huge achievement as only pupil who demonstrated exceptional initiative over the preceding 12 months are considered for this award!
  • Both Ezgi and Saalihah won 1st place for their “True Colours” initiative and Kirsty achieved 2nd place for her media skills in producing a “Respect” video.
  • Ezgi, Saalihah and Kirsty have been rewarded financially as a prize to take their projects forward!

Watch this space and well done girls!

Teacher of the Month

Staff: Ms Taylor

Comments from pupils:
  • “She is always there to help us!”
  • “She is so friendly and polite so we are always happy to ask for help”
  • “She always supports us in being the best we can be!”
  • “She is GREAT!”

Well Done Drama Queen!

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