1:1 Digital Learning Project
1:1 digital learning involves providing access to a mobile computer device to every learner to support their learning in school and at home. Research into projects involving 1:1 devices across the UK and further afield has demonstrated impressive results including improved attendance, engagement and attainment.

In 2013, Gracemount High School piloted iPads with staff and S4-6 pupils. We found the pilot to be highly successful and the feedback from learners and parents has been very positive. In 2014, we extended this project to all of S3 learners.

At Gracemount High School, we are very passionate and excited about this project as we believe this gives our learners the chance to experience the very best Learning and Teaching through the use of technology as well as access to the very latest course materials, supporting apps, research and much more. All of which will fully support their studies and help them realise the highest attainment and achievement. We are committed to training our staff in the use of the iPads focusing on the latest and most innovative teaching apps available in order to ensure best use.

The Edinburgh Digital Learning Team has also released a number of support videos and documents for students and their parents/carers. These resources can be found here. A useful Internet Safety website for parents and carers can be viewed here. The website is called Think You Know and covers many aspects of keeping your child safe when online.
S3 Profiling on the iPads
We will also be using the iPads for S3 Profiling using a Microsoft App called OneNote. This means that learners can document their learning in class and include photos, audio, video and even file attachments of their latest and best classwork. Learners are also encouraged to document their achievements and produce a Personal Statement which will will provide valuable experience ahead of producing their final personal statement for university in S5/6. Parent/carers can find out what their youngsters have been learning in class as the profile can be shared with parent/carers online via Office365. All that is required is a free Microsoft Account. Some screenshots of the S3 Profile template that youngsters at Gracemount High School receive are shown below.
1:1 Digital Learning Project Documents
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Setting up Office 365 (Student Instructions)
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1:1 Contract (S3-S6)
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Proper Use of the Camera in School
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Edmodo Parents Letter
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